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ISO 9001  27001  14001  13485  45001

GAP Assessments, Internal Auditing,

Supply Chain Audits,
Management System Training,
Process Documentation

The profesionsals at Profit Enhancement Group, LLC (PEG) are specialists in management system processes and process improvement. We provide the following services:

GAP Assessments - This very important step is the first in undertaking certification to an ISO or AS Standard. PEG professionals are skilled in performing these assessments and providing you with detailed information as to what changes need to be made to come into compliance with the Standards. At the same time we identify process obvious improvement opportunities.

Internal Auditing  - PEG personnel are skilled in process auditing, interviewing personnel, observing production and service processes, and reviewing process documentation to determine process compliance with requirements and process effectiveness.  These audits fulfill the requirements of ISO & AS Standards. We have the necessary auditor credentials.

Supply Chain Audits - Perform audits of your Supply Chain to your requirements, helping to ensure you receive products and services that meet or exceed those requirements.


If you've been tasked with the creation, implementation, and certification to a single or multiple Management Systems, let us help!

Management System Training - New to ISO, AS and Management Systems in general?  Let PEG provide training for your executive team, middle management, or those that will be working on the implementation or maintenance of your system.  These systems become more valuable as people obtain a better understanding of the principals and requirements.

Process Documentation - PEG believes that the best systems are those that are created by the company stakeholders.  We can assist in helping to determine what type of process documentation (flow diagrams, videos, pictures, procedures, etc.) would work best for your culture and type of operation.  PEG can review documentation to determine if requirements have been defined and offer ideas for improvement.  After the documentation is completed, then your internal process will determine compliance.

PEG professionals help you identify the process improvements that can improve profitability and process effectiveness.

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