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The professionals at Profit Enhancement Group are certified, practicing lead assessors and assessors who have performed hundreds of "value added" audits throughout the U.S. and have a wide variety of technical expertise. Our auditing experience in company after company has shown what techniques and systems are effective and which are non-value added. We help clients create the most cost effective systems with the goal of identifying improvements to capture wasted profits! All of our us conduct Registrar Audits therefore we know what the Registrar Auditors are looking for.

Benefits of QMS Certification

Obtaining a Quality Management System (QMS) certification is not easy, but the benefits make the effort well worth the investment. A good QMS can

  • reduce costs incurred through rework, supplier control, staff turnover and lack of effective procedures
  • inspire the confidence of your clients and make them feel secure in working with you
  • make your products and services more widely and readily accepted without audit by Regulatory and Quality Assurance Authorities

It can be overwhelming when setting out to design and implement a quality management system, especially if you have to start with a blank sheet of paper. If you want to obtain QMS certification the Profit Enhancement Group has several options to help you get started.

QMS Certification Options

Don't have dedicated internal resources to successfully complete your QMS certification? We have a "turn-key option". The Profit Enhancement Group can facilitate your certification from start though the certification audit. We work closely with your employees to understand your company, it's processes, and the culture. We interview your employees and build a system that fits your specific needs and wants. Building a system specifically for your company is more cost effective for you in the long run, than if you were to purchase a fill in the blank boiler plate system.

Want your employees get more involved in the certification process and have more buy-in to your system? Consider the "do it yourself" option. PEG personnel will help you by assisting with your implementation.

These are a sample of the services we have to offer:

  • "Gap audit" of your current system to determine the extent of work to be done.
  • Documented action plan and implementation time table for you to work from.
  • One on one training with your personnel in the requirements of the Standard they are trying to meet.
  • Internal audit training for your employees at your site.
  • Independent internal audits - if you don't have the resources to support your internal audit program.

We focus on developing cost effective processes and process documentation that is efficient and meets the
requirements of the Standard you are implementing.

For a no-obligation discussion on how QMS Certification can help your business, or any of our other assessment
and certification services, please call or contact us.

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